Waag Society: Visual Box


Visual Box is a wooden box that generates manipulable visuals on its screen.

It takes its inspiration into the research about enchanting experiences with objects (an experience that attracts and retains the attention of its user), and attempts to satisfy three of the major strategies that participate to the creation of an enchanting experience : stimulating senses, thoughts and surprise.

Particular attention has been taken to create a sensual interaction and experience, using deep grain dark wood & polished aluminium. The music box metaphor leads users to control the visuals with the wheel on the side of the box, and reminds them of playful memories of traditional music boxes.

The visuals displayed are evocative, based on natural elements such as rain, snow and mountains, but are deliberately left quite figurative to allow users’ imaginations to develop their own narratives.

The combination of a tangible object perceived as ‘traditional’ because of its materials, and the immateriality and technology of its graphics, builds anticipation from the user to discover what exactly will happen when manipulating it, and creates a feeling of surprise when these conflicting concepts meet.