Sony: IOT Sweep


Sony asked us to make a custom made connected device, which would reflect the quality and aesthetically pleasing appearance of its line of products.

We built a functioning prototype of a small device, which either displays the time or the messages sent by the brand.

The complexity of the project lay in the need to build a complex electronic system supported by advanced software development in a small design whilst maintaining high quality standards. The intention was to produce a small batch of products, stretching the boundaries of design and production requirements.

The object’s main feature, the screen, is outlined by its minimal design: clear lines and black finish that focus the attention of the user on its bright red squared LEDs.
The materials, aluminum with a smooth mat finish and translucent Perspex, gently shimmer when exposed to light. The sensuality of the object is reinforced by its capacitive touch sensing buttons that respond to the lightest brush of the fingers. When handled, its weight augments the feeling of quality of the object.