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  • Nike: Find Your Fast


    R/GA asked Incidence to build an interactive installation for Nike to be displayed during a public event in Amsterdam. The installation consisted of a speed gate that recorded the participants’ speed as they ran through it, a screen displaying their speed alongside messages of encouragement, and a thermal printer delivering a branded ticket with their personal […]

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  • Sony: IOT Sweep


    Sony asked us to make a custom made connected device, which would reflect the quality and aesthetically pleasing appearance of its line of products. We built a functioning prototype of a small device, which either displays the time or the messages sent by the brand. The complexity of the project lay in the need to build a […]

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  • Secret Cinema: Watch Out

    Secret Cinema

    Site-specific interactive installation for Secret Cinema (Star Wars Episode). Half human, half machine, Watch Out displays a giant red eye monitoring visitors who walk through the corridors of the abandonned warehouse where is set the immersive theatre created by Secret Cinema. Using one of the circular cavities of the former printing press’ building as a blank canevas, we created an interactive […]

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  • Rumpus: Day of the Dead


    Immersive theater event Rumpus approached us to design an installation for October’s Halloween edition. Undead blends together elements from different  religions and folklores- Islamic patterns, Irish carved lanterns, Aztec day of dead skulls, Catholic shrines to create a unique mystic experience. Contemporary material and fabrication processes were used to make the skull: laser cut pieces of wood […]

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  • Seeper: Immersion


    Seeper commissioned the studio to build Immersion, a multimedia device displaying interactive games to be used at schools for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Strong, engaging and easy to use, the wooden case accomodates the multiple devices (Speakers, Kinects, computer, fans, LED strips) needed to create a fully theatrical experience. A single button allows teachers to […]

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  • Waag Society: Visual Box


    Visual Box is a wooden box that generates manipulable visuals on its screen. It takes its inspiration into the research about enchanting experiences with objects (an experience that attracts and retains the attention of its user), and attempts to satisfy three of the major strategies that participate to the creation of an enchanting experience : stimulating senses, […]